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  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Prototype - fast turn-around, we can work from different file formats such as *.igs, *.x_t files - in urgency, even from your napkin-drawings to 3D models


  • RFQ will be responded within 24 hours
  • Shorter lead-times
  • Manufacturing of cost effective parts
  • On-time delivery


  • ISO Certifications
  • Material Lot Traceability

Supply Chain Personnel

  • One-stop-shop - Supply Chain Optimization
  • Kanban Agreement
  • Using the latest equipment, we can reduce the machining time of the parts by optimizing their production using the features on our latest equipment and thereby the unit pricing on the parts


  • On Swiss Screw machines - By utilizing the main and sub spindle capability simultaneously, we can machine the front and back characteristics of any given part thereby significantly cutting the machining time. We also have automatic magazine bar feeder which can load the raw material automatically thereby reducing any down time on the machine
  • On Lathes - By utilizing automatic magazine bar feeder which can load the raw material automatically, we have reduced any down time on the machine
  • On Horizontal Mill - By utilizing 10-pallet system, we have eliminated set-up cost from the unit price of the parts
  • On Vertical Mills - By utilizing high speed machining, we have significantly reduced the actual cycle times of the parts.
  • Seamless transition from Prototype to Production
  • Turn-Key services

ISO Certifications

We are proud to be certified for:

itar registered

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Equipment List

Our latest equipment lists:


Please click here to view our ITAR Registration, or here for our device manufacturing license.